mercredi 9 janvier 2013

Petit poème surréaliste

Découvert sur le blog de Lionel, j'ai testé Googlism et j'ai beaucoup ri. C'est vraiment cool comme truc, et je trouve, étrangement poétique. Alors, ça me ressemble ? Et que dit votre propre googlism ?

Googlism for: muriel

muriel is drinking again
muriel is getting ready
muriel is getting ready for a good post
muriel is getting ready for a
muriel is drinking again muriel is playing a silly drinking game
muriel is perhaps the most perfect distillation of the themes of time
muriel is a middle
muriel is also available to teach intensive scottish gaelic courses in person; on the telephone; by mail learn gaelic now
muriel is featured with her transcription of arioso in the recently released acoustic guitar book 15
muriel is a sad and lonely woman
muriel is either oblivious to all of this or she is in denial
muriel is an esoteric programming language inspired by the principle of quines
muriel is intentionally terse
muriel is a fascinating study of the relationship between the way things are remembered
muriel is speaking to a handsome male swimmer that's hysterical just because of her facial movements
muriel is taken into custody by the police
muriel is a plump and unhappy woman who dreams of escaping to a new and better life through marriage
muriel is an only slightly more functional young woman than sweetie was in jane campion's film of the same name
muriel is a pianist in a class by herself
muriel is excited that charley is related to tarzan
muriel is pictured here with her collection of session t
muriel is also wearing a ring in her nose
muriel is more like somebody you knew in high school and either ignored or felt sorry for
muriel is considering marrying sam
muriel is refreshingly candid; she makes no apologies for muriel's often misguided life choices
muriel is
muriel is a member of the willa cather society
muriel is profoundly disabled and needs 24
muriel is recipient of career award
muriel is trusted by
muriel is a russian dwarf hamster
muriel is the woman who would own muriel's jackson square if the 5
muriel is the calming force in their household as well as the voice of reason
muriel is licensed in rhode island
muriel is an australian girl who wants nothing else in life but to be married
muriel is spotted in a stolen dress and is taken home by the police
muriel is a specialist
muriel is aware of the challenges of providing health care to an urban population often
muriel is so happy that she has a buddy
muriel is elected to the board of directors for the hispanic lawyers association of illinois
muriel is on board the holland american cruise line for two weeks in the mexican riviera
muriel is a member of the student intervention team in each of her schools
muriel is a fluent native speaker
muriel is clear in her introduction about her undertaking
muriel is presently the head of the anaesthetics department of sarnia general hospital in ontario
muriel is a lovely french girl with clear eyes and a quietly expressive face
muriel is a graduate of toulon high school
muriel is een fors uitgevallen vrouw met sproeten
muriel is a spindly bush like lady hillingdon
muriel is the calming influence that gives this couple a true symbiotic balance
muriel is the former director of the washington higher education telecommunication system
muriel is in an unusual situation
muriel is the only child of howard colby ives
muriel is more nuts than usual
muriel is survived by her three children
muriel is involved in creating and implementing preventative mental health and lifestyle programs
muriel is an ok place to camp
muriel is really a sort of weight watchers' forrest gump
muriel is dusting it
muriel is the 19
muriel is co
muriel is engaged and is having one last fling
muriel is quick to compliment beth wolff
muriel is staying neutral
muriel is an excellent addition to the agribuys
muriel is a valued friend to persons from every walk of life and of every generation
muriel is full
muriel is truly a heroic woman
muriel is similar to smith in concept; both lack loops or other control structures and rely heavily on a certain kind of on
muriel is currently an associate professor in the school of rehabilitation science
muriel is a young misfit adrift in a small australian town called porpoise spit
muriel is also a difficult character
muriel is a member of the national storytelling network and the garden state storytelling league as well as other organizations that permit her to keep her
muriel is now shunned and ignored by the same person she had helped many years ago
muriel is a carefree and complacent person
muriel is a kindly old domestic who likes nothing better than a good cheesy movie and a clean house
muriel is on a mission
muriel is ecstatic as she walks down the aisle
muriel is a cinematically groundbreaking
muriel is an extraordinary woman whose life and work has enriched many
muriel is married to john and mother to judy
muriel is the second oldest child in our family and the oldest girl
muriel is a fantastic player
muriel is an internet convert believing that the possibilities it offers are almost infinite
muriel is a member of the lan group in computing and information services at mcmaster university
muriel is with him and extends her thanks for the many messages of goodwill
muriel is no more

4 commentaires:

  1. Mon prénom donne un résultat plus que concis :
    "gwenhael is the most recent addition to"

    Oui, mais, "to" quoi ?

  2. Je ne peux pas tout poster, malheureusement...
    Le mien est assez factuel !

    nathalie is a two bedroom
    nathalie is playing in eastbourne this week
    nathalie is now in 18th place
    nathalie is fairly new to models
    nathalie is minne
    nathalie is pregnant
    nathalie is a beautiful dark bay mare
    nathalie is from paris france and sends a collection of wondeful photographs showing her barefeet in an artistic context
    nathalie is a member of the mental health team in developmental disabilities
    nathalie is currently the sole principal investigator of the epsrc funded project kap
    nathalie is als quality engineer druk in de weer en ze geniet van de team spirit
    nathalie is kept on the run and enjoys the team spirit
    nathalie is herself a
    nathalie is a jew by birth but only goes to synagogue once a year
    nathalie is
    nathalie is by profession a tv producer
    nathalie is a link to the finnish society for japanese students arriving in turku
    nathalie is director of it infrastructure within sita sc
    nathalie is the exception
    nathalie is one of 28 newly appointed scientists working on mer
    nathalie is a canadian who holds diplomas in marketing and tourism
    nathalie is the parent of all textile beds
    nathalie is wearing a pink skirt with a nice top with big paliettes in turcose
    nathalie is optimistic
    nathalie is only 1 day older than i am
    nathalie is a very successful model from holland who is currently living in the big bear area and spends alot of
    nathalie is the only bread
    nathalie is 14 years old
    nathalie is 11jaar en bram 12
    nathalie is a postdoc with andy smith and is funded by an rtn network grant from the european commission
    nathalie is an overwriting
    nathalie is a visual and performing artist
    nathalie is a quantum leap
    nathalie is also responsible for the creation of the new
    nathalie is that she's trying to avoid pills and alcohol
    nathalie is magnificent
    nathalie is frequently interviewed for magazine and newspaper features

  3. Ahah sympa cette trouvaille, ça donne de drôles de résultats !
    Pour ma part :

    vanina is a good catholic (j'ai qq doutes là dessus...)
    vanina is not only multi
    vanina is tall and thin
    vanina is weer van de partij
    vanina is from toronto
    vanina is a visual basic script
    vanina is an unlikely troublemaker
    vanina is already preparing the next edition of this famous rally
    vanina is ongetwijfeld opgenomen in de selectie van onze waalse collega's
    vanina is gebouwd door toyota france
    vanina is fully fluent in hebrew
    vanina is roets's girlfriend
    vanina is 21 years old and she was (was quoi ? je suis encore non mais ^^)
    vanina is studying english translation at dominican university in san rafael to use on her return to her great coun
    vanina is the chief of the department of history and culture of the center of indian studies of the institute for oriental studies of the russian academy
    vanina is a stripper hired for the evening (bah voyons ! :D)
    vanina is fascinated by the mysterious woman
    vanina is licensed to serve wine and beer (yeaaah!!)